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Going Rate for hook ups and overnight stays.

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Hi again New to MH and about to embark on maiden voyage holiday in MH late July travelling around North of Scotland.

Can anyone advise whats the going rate for MH power hook up and rate per day/ night on campsites these days.

Also should I pre-book or just turn up any advice would be appreciated.

Its years since I last toured and camped that was with small touring Caravan.  MH is Roller Team 700, if this makes any difference ? Also I'm thinking of joining Caravan Club to ease and or provide better options finding sites is this a good idea ? and are there benefits in doing this.
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Joining The CC and/or the CCC is certainly worthwhile. Site charges are very variable. Most CLs with hookup can be between £7 to £12.
Welcome to MHF. Yes a must to join Caravan Club and Camping and Caravan Club. Prices vary, depending on time of year, and how many people, i.e. pitch/adult CC. As you are intending travelling end July, that of course is in the school holidays, and I would certainly look to book as sites get booked up fairly quickly, a look at the sites on the net will give you a guide as to availability. Happy travelling.
This is a motorhome you're hiring for a little while. So no I don't think it is worth you joining any of the clubs for a week or two away. If you find you don't like it you've wasted a years subs.

As you're going to be in the north of Scotland why not save the money and use it to pay for a site when you need one, and wildcamp when you can?

Hope you enjoy the trip.
We went around scotland last August (well some of it), we have a Hymer 534, 2 adults and two children, we booked in advance which was good as some places were shut due to being water logged. most places we stayed were around £20 per night including hookup.

Took the mountain bikes and had a great time, going again this summer.


P.S. i'm not a member of any clubs
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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