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GPS brands, heard of Shinco?

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Hi, does anyone have any experience of one of these, or of this brand?

If so I would be interested in your opinion as I am in the market. Alternatively to those in the know, can you see any short comings in the spec.?

Thanks Dick
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not heard of that one, but there are loads od copies of the major players out there.

Just a thought if you are considering purchase.

Spec gives 2Mb memory but no mention of expansion cards so if you wanted to add Europe there may not be enough room on the device.

There are many GPS units around that only cover UK and Ireland for less than £84. I'm not sure what is meant by "2GB SDRAM internal memory with entire Western European maps" but if it does include all of western Europe then it should be goodand it does offer full 7 digit postcodes (many cheaper models only offer 5 digits)

Have you checked up on the reviews it mentions?

Looks ok on the face of it

But is it the whole of Western Europe at street level?

One of the (IMHO) scams is advertising the whole of W.E. but on closer inspection it turn out to be "Major Routes Only" for most of the area, and to me that would be next to useless.

Better make sure first 'cos you may not be able to change it if there isn't an expansion card slot, and it doesn't actually specify that there is . . . which I find strange, since that would rate as a Key Feature to me.

If most of us have never heard of it (as it would appear) there's probably a reason. :roll:

Hope this helps

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