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Grizzly and Safariboy are back..!

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We're safely back home after nearly 4000 miles on the clock. The X250 has behaved flawlessly: the only thing that happened is that the " l" of "Multijet" fell off when Safariboy wiped the flies off the wing. A little glue and sorted ! We've had a wonderful time and wish we could go round again. We saw about 3 UK vans the whole time but there were enough going down to Dover today so perhaps we were too early.

Too much new stuff on MHF to take in tonight but, when the jungle that was a garden is sorted and the washing done, we'll be back and put up all the places we've stayed in the database.

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Glad you are both home and well. Losing an "L" is not a crisis - glad the MultiJet marched on.

You been away then Grizzly.

welcome back, Grizzly. We've missed you :roll:
We're all agog 8O now Grizzly to know where you've been
bognormike said:
welcome back, Grizzly. We've missed you :roll:
But we've had the barrells straightened, so shouldn't miss you next time.
Welcome back,
Oh thank gawd you are back, another sane person to join me amongst the nutters......................................snigger :p :p :p :p :lol: :lol:
It's been hard going on me own :D :eek: :oops: :p :x :evil: :twisted:

Hahaha welcome back guys hope you had a great time. Will hear about your travels am sure in due course!
Glad you had a great time, looking forward to reading about your travels.

Take it easy in the garden :wink: We know what its like to come back to a jungle.
Thanks all for your welcomes...

We did not get as far as Sicily but did do the Amalfi coast, Pompeii and Naples as well as Rome, Lucca, Florence and Pisa and the Cinque Terra villages and back through the south of France and the Cevennes- we pottered aimlessly as usual. We finished up at Amiens, somewhere we've never visited before but will certainly go back to.

We've had a brilliant time but have been a bit shaken by how expensive it's become in France and Italy since we were there last October. We paid the equivalent of £4.50 each for a cup of coffee at a service station in Switzerland. The first ( and last ) time we'll ever do that and it wasn't done knowingly ! At least it meant that we did not do a big shop - something I hate- before we left France. We've just been round Tesco and they are doing many of my favourite wines at comparable - or even lower- prices than Carrefour or Auchan.

Many thanks to all the people whose campsite and aires reviews and recommendations we used and we'll add some of our own shortly.

G and S
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