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Guide 2 placing photos in Members & Motorhomes Gallery M

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:D Hi TheOggies. I don't want to knock you? But I notice you have still not changed the size of the pictures in the Guide To placing photos in Members & Motorhomes Gallery. Is the reason you have LOCKED it, so no-one can make a comment on it? Not everyone has BROADBAND. :evil: When I am mobile, my connection speed is quite often less than the supposed to be 9600. As the photo admin? You should help and encourage members to read these pages. Just my own thoughts. 8O
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Sorry mate, as i said yesterday i posted the guide for Dave to approve or dissapprove of. He has looked at it and is happy with it.
He locked the post as it was not there really for that reason, i do not have the authority to do anything with the posts, that is down to Dave and the Mods.

I am afraid that you will have to contact Dave about the size of the images, I can understand where you are coming from
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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