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Habitation service required

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Hi, Rob the newby here again.

Our newly purchased (Fiat Rapido742F) motorhome is due to arrive on Saturday and I need to arrange motor and habitation services ASAP because the last annual services - carried out on its second birthday - were done 18 months ago in December 2007.

The vehicle is 3½ years old and a three year extended warranty purchased by the last owner in December 2007 is null and void because of his failure to have it serviced six months ago!

I live in Worcester so my first thoughts were to find a local dealer who could do both services same day. However I've just read Grizzlys detailed FAQ write up on Habitation Servicing (in the Motorhoming FAQ Guide of this website). This states:-

'The damp ingress warranty lasts for a longer period than the full habitation warranty on most vans ( eg 6 years). In order to maintain the validity of this warranty a damp check must be carried out by a dealer who has all the proper equipment and can provide the all-important certificate. For reasons mentioned above, it is usually simpler to have the service done by a franchised dealer who sold you the van. If there is damp then he has access to everything necessary, including the funds, to get it sorted out'.

which suggests that I might be well advised to play safe in order not to breach the damp ingress warranty.

I'm sure I could get the motor service done in Worcester, but I'm scratching round for a dealer who could do the habitation service.

According to Rapido's website the nearest Rapido dealers to me are Brownhills South West (Swindon) and Highbridge (near Weston Super Mare) - although when I spoke to someone at Highbridge a few days ago he said that they're booked up till August for same-day habitation services!

I'd prefer not to hang around for several hours while the service is being carried out but I'm beginning to think I might need to.

So, my question is:- should I (reluctantly) use one of the two Rapido dealers mentioned above (ie at Swindon or Weston), or is there somewhere else closer to Worcester.

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Dave Newell at Telford does both base vehicle and habitation services. He is a well-respected authority on technical motorhome matters and writes in Practical Motorhome magazine. Obviously not a Rapido dealer, so you will have to decide if there are any warranty issues, but I'm sure he can do the work you require. Link below

<<Leisure Vehicle Services>>
You may have to do a bit of ggogle ing as dealers are dropping like flies.
Unless one of our local to you members turns up
DAve P

quote "which suggests that I might be well advised to play safe in order not to breach the damp ingress warranty".

Unless you have a documented record that the annual habitation check has been carried out by a franchised dealer within the relavent timescales your damp ingress warranty will be void in any case.
If this is the situation then you would appear not to have an urgent requirement anyway and booking it into Highbridge for a September same day service. Of course you could decide to use a local mobile service engineer who would propably cheaper and more diligent.
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