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Handover Checklist

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Handover Checklist.

I had this saved from the previous site with various comments attached. Hope you find it useful.

Confirm with dealer before departure that van is ready and has water and gas/electric connected for check

External check of vehicle for damage (especially roof)
Remove fridge vent and check for correct installation
Check all extras fitted as ordered and working
Check all water system for operation (inc shower)
Check all gas systems (heater, fridge, oven/hob)
Check all 240v systems
Operation of all cupboards and doors
Check blinds/curtains for operation
All windows open/close properly
Shower curtain (our last one was fitted back to front!)
Seat swivel, operates ok
Check operation of control panel
General workmanship check (rough edges, exposed screws etc)
Removeable carpets supplied?
A/sleeper crockery supplied.
Check all handbooks supplied
Confirm extended warranties (inc against damp)

Base vehicle;
Engine upgrade, proof of fitting
Jack, wheelbrace and spare fitted
Check all lights and electrics working (wipers, heater, horn, windows)
Check mileage/odometer
Full set of keys inc spares
Road tax
Full tank of diesel
Confirm breakdown recovery details
Confirm extended warranty
Ensure correct logbook exchange

Tyres…you would be surprised what I have found in them from new.

Engine oil…bloody obvious I know, but easily overlooked in the excitement of it all.

Engine coolant.

Brake fluid.

Power steering fluid.
Check 12v sockets/circuits (TV outlet, accessory sockets, electric step, etc)
Check all internal lights
Check free operation of blinds and curtains
Check operation of wind-out awning

With the "cupboards and doors" I'd add - Sliding furniture (beds, underseat baskets, kitchen shelves, TV shelf, tambours, etc)
Do check the bed/beds. When made up are there any voids ie gaps between cushions large enough for foot to go through & touch floor underneath as the bedding sure will go through And are there any unnacceptable hills & valleys in the make up of cushions that will cause you a very uncomfortable night.

Check you can get out of the loo. Not funny. It happened to me in our current van on a hot day at the Oxford rally of another similar site. The frame work was in crooked.

have they installed the car arial. Not a silly check. Ours was not installed.

Can you use your radio when ignition is off.

Check the windows are not scratched. Ours were. They had to change the lot.

We also had trims coming off ie glue melting in the heat.

Check the table does not rock. Our did & the pin holding the leg was almost out

Ill fitting rear door.
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Don't know whether it's on the checklist but a tip I picked up when I took delivery of my van in January was to check the date stamp on the bottom of the ashtray, and the tyre code. This will give you an idea of when the vehicle was built and how long it has been standing at the convertors and dealers. One new Autocruise I looked at in November 2004 was built on a cab built 12 months earlier!
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