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Headlights for Hymer S700?

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I recently bought a Hymer S700. K Reg
As its a German import it still has the original headlights to which i attached deflectors.
Im now looking get right hand drive headlights but am struggling.
Mercedes have told me that without a chassis number they cannot find the correct part. The problem is that when i give them my chassis number it comes up as left hand drive so they can only find parts for that and not a right hand drive!!!!!
Very frustrating!
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Got Em

Found them by luck alone,
very hard to come by!
Could they be 'Hella' or the type some older BMW cars have ? - maybe scrapyards & adjust them to suit RHD

hi i take it that it is based on old type 410/412 merc if so try europarts online cataloge under merc comercials, then go and try next to yours they have branches all over uk.good look
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