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Heads UP New Safari for Mac and PC

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If you have an older mac and are running 10.4.11 You might not want to accept the free download of Safari 4 when it next tells you there is new software ready. it uses coverflow which is great in iTunes but slows stuff down when browsing.

I'm warning you because I can't yet find a way back to using 3.4
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That is what happened to me,i downloaded safari,then lost my add-ons.
To get out of it "i`m a novice " i pressed the restore button,which then shows up a calendar ,then backdated to when i had downloaded.

yes but you are in the Leopard OS probably with an Intel inside Mac
Sorry,all i know is i have XP,and when i installed Safari it all went wrong.
I tried Safari but it was not for me, back to Firefox.
I've been using Safari 4 on 2 macs [1 intel] for the last week and IMO it's not really any slower, it has had a slight speed bump.

The coverflow [topsites] feature is pretty good though.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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