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Hello all Were Back!!

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Hi everyone.
Well Lorraine and me (Brian) are back in the land of motorcaravaning, well we will be as of this Wednesday. When if all goes to plan we will be picking up our new home from Stewart Mouland Campers down in Peacehaven.

After camping for over a year in various tents, we just knew that we missed the motorhome too much!!
It took a lot of negotiations and compromising between the two of us on deciding what van to go for, but in the end we settled for the Nu-Venture, Nu Rio. Yes its a lot smaller than our last home, but it should suit us perfectly for now until we retire and then we plan to go for an A Class.

We are both hoping to use the home a lot more than we did our Sundance.
We've already noticed that there are a lot of planned rallies that we are interested so we hope to see a lot of you again soon.

Now I can start asking lots of questions again on these forums...
Just brought a Oyster Caro sat dish from Outdoorbits.... Now what else can I buy!!!! Hey who's hidden my credid card.. Doh!

Brian & Lorraine
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Hello Brian (and Lorraine, of course)

Firstly, welcome back to the fold! :D

At least, you've tried another form of camping, and realised that it's not for you. I hope you haven't lost too much money on the deals, and I can tell you're excited again :wink:

Good to have you back.


Welcome back indeed and good to see the penny dropped. :D
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