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hello all

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just wanted to say hello, not bought a MH, but spent our first week in a rented one at Easter and now booked one for two weeks in Summer, just looking for some friendly advice really

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Hello briang1. Are you really a Brian?

Anyhow, a warm welcome to MotorhomeFacts. There are two ways in which you might benefit from this website forum...

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Enjoy your motorhoming, stay in touch.
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It's a slippery slope!! This is how my wife and I got started. We thought we might like the idea, but weren't absolutely sure, so we hired a van for a fortnight, became sold on the idea and bought a second hand van not long after.

We're on our third van now, and wouldn't be without it.

Good piece of advice from the previous respondent about signing up for this club.

Have fun!

briang1 said:
. . just looking for some friendly advice really
Don't buy one ! . . your going to hate being free to go wherever you fancy,when you fancy & for as long as you fancy !
Plus 'it' and this website will take over your life -leaving you no time to do anything else [is there anything else] ? :wink:
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