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Hello all

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Just a note to introduce meself

Relative newbie to the motorhome thing - spent the summer resisting the urge to land a £22k debt by splurging out on some hymer huge mobile that I haven't got the space to store, and settled on a '86 Talbot Express Camelot that I could afford and park, once the rain returned.
Making as much use of it at weekends and holidays as the dank Welsh weather will allow, and dreaming of France and fulltiming it.
Already have an overdeveloped love of red wine and unpasteurised cheese and staying away from the busier parts of the world!

Respect to those who:
are fulltiming it already
submit details of wild camping locations
convert their own campers and mhomes from vans
will give up proper beds and hotel rooms for what campers have to offer (wifey is first on the list here!)

Trying to summon the nerve to take the kids out of school and take their education upon ourselves for a year's trial. :idea:

Anyone here got any experience of that?

All the best to you spirited folks

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I wonder what happened to Julian, no staying power some folk >:0
You bored, Kev, dredging that up?

Go make Liz a casserole, or at least take her a cuppa in bed.
I made her a brew about 5:20 she has taken her son to work, will be back later, wot you doing up anyway, did you wet the bed again.
Nah, the sloshing in my incontinence pants woke me up. I hate getting up in the dark.
Yeah me too, can never find the damned sink >:)
How the heck do you empty your incontinence pants in the sink?

Dirty boy.
Stand on a buffet, or stool to you, sit on the drainer, and swing your legs round, and down, then undo the legs, or stick a spoon handle under the elastic bit.

My brother got a divorce for something similar akcherly, when he came home drunk he couldn't get to pee in the kitchen sink for all the mucky pots >:) >:)

I'll get me coat.
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1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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