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hello, and should I buy it?

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:D Hello to this super club from a new member. I live in the Czech republic, an English expatriot.Now I would like to ask you experts for advice. I have the chance to purchase a 1996 Ford Transit-based Riviera 6 berth for 3000 GB pounds, but it has suffered severe front-end damage. The cabindoors, windscreen, engine and front panels are badly damaged, and all will need replacing, but the rest of the vehicle is complete and undamaged. Considering a replacement 2.5 ford diesel isn't too expensive, do you consider it a worthwhile buy? I love motorhomes, and this seems a good chance to get one relatively cheap.
Your advice is greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.
Berushka (Graham)
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Hi Graham and welcome.
The project may sound cheap.
Check the price and fitting costs of the parts before you buy

Best of luck

dave P

Sounds very expensive to me.

Could have problems with leaks in the future also.
If the engine is damaged beyond repair due to a head on shunt, it is highly likely that the chassis members and suspension are out of alignment.

My pal had his version nicked they found the body shell about 2 years later on another chassis. So it may be posible to transfer-with the right knowledge and equipment.
Speaking as a Ford trained qualified panel beater who cut his teeth on this model, i would advise against. Even in the UK with readily available parts, it would not really be viable.

With front end damage that severe, you will need a body jig to realign the chassis - failure to do this will result in poor roadholding, poor steering and advance tyre wear at best.

As for parts, you will need fliches, possible chassis legs, engine parts, mounts, front crossmember, slam panels, front panels plus all the obvious bits you can see - really never worth £3000

Come back for a holiday and see what you can find over here of similar strain. There will be plenty on the road for that sort of amount - or even visit an auction! Paying at auction for a van of that age will not cost very much at all - and will pay off in the long run!

You also have the advantage of being able to buy something with short mot, as you are exporting anyway! Better to weld a few plates on a chassis than rebuild a truck from scratch!
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