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Hello - near misses.

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:D Hello. Thanks in advance for sharing tips and your valued experience. Has anyone had any near misses they're prepared to admit. Like that time there was a dumper truck coming the other way down a narrow road etc. or "I could have sworn that tree wasn't there".

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We had just parked up on the front at Blackpool,three vans, Marion and I in our Arapaho,our daughter Rena and her family in thier royale,my friend Gordon and his family in thier Kon-tiki,when a maniac,sorry but there is no other way to describe him,slammed into the rear of Gordons van,pushed it into my daughters van,which was then pushed into my van! Injuries-Gordon,his wife son and daughter suffered severe bruising and shock,his wife kim is still being treated for shock,as is daughter Sammy,they swear they will never enter a campervan again! Damage-Gordons van was writen off,my daughters van had extensive rear damage and some frontal damage,repares costing £2,800. The driver off the car,who was Swiss, had no insurance,tax or mot. plus baldy tyres,police recon he was doing sixty plus, fell asleep at the wheel,did not turn up at court,warrant out for his arrest. I had a tow bar on my van, which saved me from any damage,that is why it is there! I never use it.So,near miss for me at least,but could have been a lot worse.
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1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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