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Hello - near misses.

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:D Hello. Thanks in advance for sharing tips and your valued experience. Has anyone had any near misses they're prepared to admit. Like that time there was a dumper truck coming the other way down a narrow road etc. or "I could have sworn that tree wasn't there".

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[align=left:18efbfbc4f]Ours was a hit not a miss. We were approaching the Mediteranean coast, having driven from Cherbourg when we saw a French motorhome driving towards us. We were pleased to get a friendly wave, but he was so eager to wave, he veered across the road them "Bang" there was a clash of the two wing mirrors. We both stopped to check damage, both mirrors shattered.
Couldn't communicte in English or French but as damage was same, shook hands and continued on our way.
Thought it would be easy to get Peugeot spares in France. Tried every garage from Spanish border to Marseiille then back to Cherbourg, had to delay sailing while they ordered spare.
Ours is now the van with yellow triangles on the back of the wing mirrors.[/align:18efbfbc4f]
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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