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Married with two young boys (5 & 9), living in the north of lancashire about 30 minutes south of the lake district. We have an old Hymer 534, 1985, which we adore, unfortunately it needs a bit of work doing to it so i'll be seeking advice and asking many questions. i'd like to say thanks in advance.

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No probs Lee. That's what the forum is all about. :D

If you fork out your tenner you will be able to search the forums and find a whole load of information for yourself.

Best ten quid you will even invest! :D

Hi Lee

Welcome to Motorhome facts, ask away, loads of very knowledgeable people on here


Welcome and please ask away.....


Thanks all for the welcome, i have posted my first question in the newcomers forum, regarding the water system, however after now realising there is a mechanical & technical section, i may have posted in the wrong place.

thanks again

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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