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Hi Pusser and a warm welcome to the land of the idiots. (We must be as we spend so much of our hard-earned on our hobby_and_talking about it.)

Pusser said:
"This man is depriving a village somewhere of an idiot".

Pusser said:
But undeterred I intend to get another one in the future as I am a couple of years short of my chosen retirement date and fully intend to reek havoc in France, Spain and may be even futher afield if I still have any motorhome left.

I am getting enormous pleasure planning out my routes,.......
In due course I look forward to hearing all about your intended purchase.
Later I would be grateful if having chosen your route you would be so good as to advise me of your intended destination.

This should allow us to go in the opposite direction :D .

Take care!

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