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help anybody coming north on Friday

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anybody coming north on friday after 6pm.
My best man has problems, a hospital appt at 3.30 for test [v important] and a vehicle that has died and I have to be at gretna .
anybody who is passing Bolton on friday after 6 who is willing to pick him up from Bolton and drop him [and mrs] at gretna or near I will cover any fuel costs.
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roi said:
thank you so much for the offer but we have to go to plan b.
they are now keeping him in the hospital so i have to have an alternative BM.
not happy but it is serious and he has to get sorted. [poss prostate Big C]
that's what you get for having a tugger as BM. he's probably afraid of meeting us MH lot
I owe you one for the thought anyway
diolch yn fawr
Sorry to herear BM,s news. Hope everything goes ok for him.
Hope you are able to get another BM for your great day

Have a wonderful time


1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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