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Help for working out toll charges

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Hiya, I am off to France with my brothers and Dad fishing for a week and I am trying to work out roughly how much the tolls will be. I am travelling in my Swift Sundance 630l that is about 25ft long if that makes a difference.
We are going over on the tunnel arriving in France about 2am and we are going to the area of Perigueux near Bordeaux.

Thanks in advance!
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It will not cost you anything if you avoid the toll sections of the motorways, however you could look at the route on Via Michelin and it will tell you.
I have just been on the Michelin website and it says about 38 euros, obviously this is for a car, any idea how much extra for the motorhome?
From memory it cost us around 50 euros to get down to Bordeaux last February.
yep around 50 euro to bordeaux. Unless there have been increases

Dave p

we have a 630L .you will be charged by height and weight so according to the price banding a 630L should be class 3 which is up to 3mtrs high and over 3.5 ton .However at the peage they have sensors to measure your height but nothing to check your weight so you should only ever be charged for class 2. We have on occasions been charged class 3 when the sensors measure us incorrectly so argue the point if this happens,You can also ask for a leaflet at any peage which tells you all the sizes and classes

If you need to argue the case at the tolls, the phrase that pays is

Je suis un camping car, classe deux

Thankyou everyone I can now let them know a rough amount.
Re: Tolls

Rapide561 said:
If you need to argue the case at the tolls, the phrase that pays is

Je suis un camping car, classe deux

Oui merci, je parle francais egalement mais en arrivant au peage personne ne prend cela en consideration et ils peuvent vous charger pour classe 3 si vous ne protestez pas.

Yes thats right thanks. we also speak french but when you get to the tolls in france this is not taken for granted and they can make you pay for a class 3
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