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Help on choosing a wheelcahir lift

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Howdy, I've bought an Euro Mobil Integra 810 which I am converting to wheelchair friendly for my wife and I.
Does anyone know of a Cassette lift that will fit inside the motorhome between the two floors as there is very little room below to hang it as the chassis is to low for ground clearance.

I originally bought a Ricon lift to fit inside (one with the frame and arms) but the unit is as ugly as sin so started to look at more discrete cassette lift versions.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks for taking time to read
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It's not an area of any knowledge I have Ste

So basically this is a useless response, but

As you will soon find out, I'm the expert on useless responses :nerd:

But I really hope that someone on here has the experience and knowledge to help

I know many are overcoming disability problems to keep on travelling so fingers crossed

There isn't much, in all my years on this forum, that someone doesn't know the solution to

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I need to tell you

I'm so impressed ste

We worry about such unimportant things

Whilst you two just try to get away

Now I'm going to worry (in a good way)

That you will find the way

Keep us updated

And your wife's name? If it's ok to tell us

I want to meet this special person

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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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