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Help on choosing a wheelcahir lift

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Howdy, I've bought an Euro Mobil Integra 810 which I am converting to wheelchair friendly for my wife and I.
Does anyone know of a Cassette lift that will fit inside the motorhome between the two floors as there is very little room below to hang it as the chassis is to low for ground clearance.

I originally bought a Ricon lift to fit inside (one with the frame and arms) but the unit is as ugly as sin so started to look at more discrete cassette lift versions.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

Thanks for taking time to read
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Thanks Sandra, fingers crossed
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is this kind of device any good -

That would be ideal if the wife could still walk but now she's permanently in her wheelchair I need something more substantial.

Thanks for your help though much appreciated
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I wonder if these people could help:
Hi Javea, these guys can defo help but the £11k quote for a lift and door scared the sh sh sh poo outta me!:surprise:
We recently hired a converted Autotrail which had been done by these guys and the workmanship was superb, but it was too tight for a big electric chair as they had kept everything else in, our plan is to be very minimal with everything, even to the point of not putting a shower/wetroom in, we intend to use Campsite facilities for these as the standard for disabled is really good and getting better each year.

I did find a guy in Cumbria who mainly does VW buses that said he would do it for a couple of grand but his waiting list is until April next year,
Hi Cabby, sorry for the late reply, I've been working fulltime on getting the work done, I've found a really helpful guy locally that is helping me source and complete everything.
So far we have completely gutted the whole interior, moved the boiler, water tanks, underfloor waste water tank, removed the secondary floors, repaired or replaced all damp areas (loads around the bottom of the wall panels and floor joint, nearly all the way round!!) refitted new plumbing, gas, water and waste, re-sited the electric fuse boxes. fibreglassed all holes left from moving water, boiler, cooker and vents.
Put in a new internal floor all on one level where it used to be on 3, fitted low profile unwin floor rails for the wheelchair and the most transforming Ive had the whole outside wrapped.

The bus looks brand new, last external work being done at the weekend and that's fitting the new custom made door for the wheelchair lift.

It's then on to the interior, profile bed is already in place, new kitchen cupboards are on order for low level hob & sink,

This is defo the most enjoyable project I've ever done but I'm glad I didn't know there would be this much involved as it would have put me off starting the journey.

I'll update and possible add pics once I have got it all done
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