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Mobilvetta floor problem

I bought a Mobilvetta 3 years ago.It is now 9 years old and I recently discovered soft patches in the floor.After removing lyno I now realise that there is significant rot in the floor at one side. I would advise you to be very cautious when buying secondhand. I must give up many saturdays now to fix and repair this problem. After that Its for sale and I will never have a camper again. My camper came from Italy and I dont think it likes the damp irish athmosphere. Do a lot of research before buying or even looking. If you are not happy with either roof of underneath then there is no need to see inside. Remember sales people will show you the features inside to swoon you. I was under my camper today and I can see signs of repair work to plywood underneath . I never coped this when I was buying it . I have rotten plywood floor and supports now and Iam mad with my self for not paying closer attention to external detail.

Johnanthony :(
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