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The item fixed to the bulkhead is the regulator that reduces high bottle pressure to a regulated pressure that the appliances use. The outlet is on the right hand side where the little black valve is. I assume the regulator failed as it has been bypassed.

It is vital in that case thaere there is a regulator fitted to the in-use bottle itself, otherwise the bottle is supplying too high a pressure to the van systems.

The copper pipe to the right of the coupling is what goes inside the van to the appliances and would have been connected to the black valve.

The other side of the regulator accepts gas from the bottle, and usually has a T connector so 2 bottles can be connected at the same time.

Your current setup should be allowing everything to work (assuming regulator fitted to the bottle) so if the cooker is working but not the heating, the problem is probably with the heating unit (Truma) hidden in a locker somewhere.
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