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Help!! Water leak at front skylight

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We are going away next week but have just discovered a water leak at the corner of the front skylight over the drop down bed. I don't have time to take this to a workshop before leaving and was wondering if anyone could tell me what is involved in taking out the skylight and resealing. Any help appreciated.
The van is a Burstner Elegance
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Don't know about removal, but if you can get at it and make sure all surfaces are thoroughly cleaned, I would put my trust in some wide Duct Tape - certainly as a temporary job.

If you start pulling things to bits and hit a snag or bust something, you could be in real trouble with only a few days to spare.

I'd take the easy route if it were me, and fix it properly when you get back.

Do buy good quality duct tape though, as some of it is rubbish. The good stuff will stick like sh. . . . you-know-what to a new blanket!!

Hope this helps


P.S. Builders' Flashing is even better, but it sticks so firmly you may have problems getting it off.
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I had the same problem last year with my old Autotrail.
I raked out the old sealent then cleaned it with some meths then when dry refilled the joint with Silfix sealent from my local caravan shop.
Very easy to do as long as you can get up to it safely.
Good luck. :)

This skylight is a Remis(Not sure but i think it may be a vario) does anyone know how they are dismantled?
hi rob,
is that the one which has a small lug which turns to allow you to push it up at the back? if so remove screw covers and unscrew inner frame, there are then about 8 screws holding the rooflight in place. it is easy to gently ease up and remove. there should be a black non setting mastic like blu-tack. this can be removed and reused elsewhere and the rooflight bedded in new non setting mastic. pm me if more help required.

Hello we have an elegance which had a similar problem. This was caused by me opeing the window for the first time in about a year by pushing up at the side instead of the middle. We have the same windows so you should see what I mean. It was also very cold at the time. I just put a load of duck tape round it to seal it and then did another 2 months in Feb/Mar with no water ingress.

To fix it I phoned up several dealers. The dealer in Cheltenam took a window off a crashed van that the used as spairs and put it on ours. It took about an hour and cost £50. Some people will think that a lot of money but the did the job whilst we waited! I think the dealers is called Cotswold.

have now done temp repair . Thanks to all for info.
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