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Help with Photobucket please

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Hi. I am trying to register with photobucket. I can enter a username and password in "step 1" but on "step2" I can't enter my name, I can enter the other details D.O.B etc. but the 2 boxes for Forename and Surname won't allow me to enter anything. If I try to go to the next step it asks me to go back and enter my name.
I have tried on 2 computers and I have the same problem on each.

Cheers Sid
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Hi Sid;

Its ages since I registered with photobucket, I can't remember having had any problems.

Perhaps its worth clearing out your cookies etc and trying again.

Not much help I suppose but at least its a bump :)

Thanks Pete, will give it a try.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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