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hi can you recommend some thing for me on a solar panel

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hi can any one recommend the best size of solo panel to get all that i well be running is lights on a night and we have the c.d player on all day and switch the inverter on 30 min and day some times a little more :?: :?

i am sorry but i don't no how many amp the i use
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Well, Ytank, an hour and no replies to your post.

I wonder why?

The title gives absolutely no idea of the topic or information required!

The content of the post is also a little difficult to read due to lack of punctuation.

But the real problem is that you have not given us any real information for us to formulate a sensible reply.

So, here goes with some questions that you might care to answer so that we can give you some guidance.

lights on a night (sic). How many lights and of what wattage? How long for? All through the night? Summer/winter?

switch the inverter on 30 mins and day (sic). What are you running from the inverter? Microwave oven or phone charger? Huge difference in power taken by those two examples!

we have the c.d player on all day Really? How loud? Off which battery does it run? Engine or secondary?

Oh, and what Ah is your secondary battery?

Oh and are you just wanting a solo solar panel or a couple of them?

Where are you going & when?

Winter in the arctic which is when you will use most powewr will not be much good for a solar panel.

Summer in southern Italy will be fantastic for a solar panel but you are not likely to be wanting much power then anyway.

Come back to us with more info and you will get shed loads of useful replies.
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sorry about the way i posted it as about the power i use i have 2 110 amp batterys fitted and there are ok for the first night but start going down hill the next day and the c.d player is on the hab batterys
You will still need to provide the rest of the info pippin asked for, before anyone can give a meaningful reply.
Hi Ytank

We have 2* 110 AH batterys and LED lights so very similar to your set up.

We have an 85W solar panel fitted and we can manage 3 to 4 nights in spring weather in this country (in the North) away from EHU.

That is with about 5 Hours per day TV (15" lcd) and 12V sky box. A bit of radio and maybe 2hours of 150w inverter running a lap top. A few lights on for approx 2/3 hours. I guess you will have similar use?

In the summer we could probally go for longer easy enough but in the winter we might struggle with 3 nights.

If you can afford it go for 2* 85 or 1* 120Watt panel if you are planning on staying of EHU for a few days at a time.

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thanks for tour reply that sounds good to me how much was it if you don't mind me asking and were did you get it thank tank
We got ours from Mark at CLS LINK

He did us a very good deal but we also got a Camos fitted at the same time.

You could also try Shane at snellyvission who I can recomend as he fited a Crankup to our last van and did a good job.Snelly Link

Another good place to concider a bit closer to you is

Leisure Tech

Best bet is to give them a call and get some advise on your best option and price.

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[align=right] Hello I full time in my van and have the following set up.

1 x 85w and 1 x 110w solar panels. 3 x 110amp batteries. 1 x 3kw inverter (came fitted with huge thing).

We try to wild camp as often as possible. The only time we go on camp sites is to do the laundry! With our set up we have no problems and manage very well. We listen to CDs during the day and watch DVDs at night. We do not have the van light up like a Christmas tree nor do we sit in the gloom. If we don't need it we turn it off

If you make sure that your batteries are topped up with distilled water regularly (it is an expensive mistake if you don't!! trust me) and your onboard battery charger is set for the right type of battery then like me you should be set for electric.
thank you for all your halp

i will have a look at the sites in a bit

tanks tank
Glad to see that you have been sorted out but as usual the first reply is from the school teacher correcting your grammar and syntax.

Not all of the people that post on here, me included, have a good grasp of the English language when putting pen to paper.
don't be put off there is a lot of help here.

I would say that the 85watt panel will start you off ok.
You can always add to it if you find it is not enough.

Be sure to mount it so that another can be added with out having move the first.

Also beware that your roof tends to pool water so if you can mount them on roof bars.

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ye you are right i thought i was going to have to go and see the head master and get the stick.

and 85w panel sounds go to now i have had some input


ytank said:
. . . I have 2 110 amp batterys fitted and they are ok for the first night but start going down hill the next day and the c.d player is on the hab batterys
. . .we have 2 x 110amp leisure batteries too and can last at least 3 days - we have changed the halogen lights for LED's [and no they are not dim in comparison].

I have 2 x 40watt solar panels on the roof & a 'NASA' battery monitor which shows me to the 10th of an amp either discharge or charge.
yes all my van is fitted with is l e d lighting apart for 4 240v lights but we do not use them on free camp i think 80/85w is going to be good enough for the job :?:

thanks for all the input keep it coming i have good look at all later on.
Hi ytank

I think 80W / 85W is a good compromise. We were considering this size, but got Snelly to fit the 120W one we have, since it wasn't that much more expensive. I figured that while he was up there, he might as well fit the biggest we could fit on the roof.

This weekend has been our first off hookup since we had it fitted. We have 2 X 85 Ahr batteries, we have LED lighting, we've got TV / DVD / satellite, and 2 laptops which have needed charging. So far, we've been back up to 100% charge on the batteries by around 9am / 10am each morning (although I was being a bit careful with our usage at first :oops: )

I don't know if there's any technical reason why you wouldn't want a big 'un, but I figure that with our current weather conditions, the more use we can make of what little sun we see, the better.


thanks geraldandannie

how much did that cost you. i am thinking about getting it done at pickering show but i need to make sure the price is right. my van has solar plug in to the charger so i have no need for the regulator

thanks tank
Hi again, tank

Shane's prices are on his website .: 120 watt kit :. plus a fitting charge.

I know a lot of people get stuff fitted at shows, but someone warned me off this, saying that they can sometimes rush the job because they have limited time available. Also, weather can be an issue when fitting outdoors.

I went to Shane's place to get our stuff fitted. Courteous service, efficient and careful work. Others may be as good, or may not :wink:

I am certainly no headmaster - I left school 50 years ago!

I was just trying to help by clarifying a post that was a bit difficult to read.

Not only that but I did suggest some useful points that would be likely to elicit useful answers.

And iI can make spulling mastakes and typgrappphical errors just a well as anyone else - bu I do tend to check before pressing the "submit" button!

As it happens, I have followed the thread with interest because I want to do more or less what ytank is after.
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