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hi camperpete here,just thought i would say hello and tell alittle about myself, we have a auto sleeper clubman nreg bought from new at stratford show :lol: first van was a 13 year old westfalier?continental a really good lay out but that bed was very hard :( next was a devon sunrise from new a reg,seen it in use in bromsgrove worcs,but couldnt flag them down to chat,next was a auto sleeper harmony h reg from new still in use locally although they bought from dealer,unfortunatly i had a motorcycle accident on june the twelth this year ,resulting in having a titanium nail inserted in my left leg,and two broken bone's in my right foot,still it wasnt much of a summer ,was it?i'm not bitter at all,by the way i have just had the opperation again,because the last one did'nt work,no promisis this time either,still she was fined £200.00+endorsement on her licence,so lot's of justice there then.pete[/i]
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