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Nice to have a site to chat Motor Homes.
My Partner and I recently bought a Lunar Newstar 58.
We have learned a hard lesson ie: Its not always a good idea to buy at a show, especially when the dealers premises are a long way from where you live.
We bought at the Stratford upon Avon Show, from a dealer in Peacehaven E. Sussex. We live in South Wales.
This meant we had to travel a long way to pick it up, thats ok if you don't encounter any problems with the van. Within 2 weeks every catch had broken off the cupboards, some blinds became lose at the windows, in fact actually 1 blind fell off. :cry: The Truama electric heating failed to work,( thermostat faulty). :roll:
WE waited 4 weeks to get permission from the place we bought it, :x to have the work done under warranty with a local Caravan Repair dealer.
We still had further problems and consequently drove to Peacehaven to get things sorted, some were, but due to a wait for spares some we had to have done locally again.
The van itself is great, but surely these problems should be sorted before it is handed over, or at least promptly after we have shelled out large amounts of money. Has anyone else had this sort of problem? Would like to hear how it was dealt with.

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Welcome aboard

It is not unusual to get complaints on new vans. It is frustrtaing considering the price we pay for them. The problem for you is the distance from your supplier.

I suppose Lunar would be a good bet for us as the factory is only a few miles away, and even closer to "twooks" You can always go and get things sorted.
We had our van back to Autosleepers facory and they sorted stuff I think more quickly than the dealer would (raedy supply of parts for a long running model)

The good news is, once you get things sorted you will enjoy your new investment

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Hi xavier.

Know Lunars well from caravanning days. We had, I think, four new ones from them over a period of time. They belong to a continental (Dutch?) company now though I think.

I would heartily agree with you that it can difficult if you don't deal with a company within a reasonable distance of home.
We took delivery of a new mh from Brownhills, Newark in November 2002 and took our first real holiday in April 2003.
We were away 5 weeks and in that time found a number of faults including toplocker stays. 13 out of 23 in total had broken and in some cases caused the locker hinge to break.
When we got back we wrote a 3 x A4 letter to Brownhills MD with a copy to the service manager informing of our total disgust at the quality of the mh and listing all the faults which we expected them to put right.
We also added for good measure the fact that the taps for emptying the waste tanks (we have two) were both about 18 inches under the van which meant getting down on your knees to turn them on or off. Furthermore it was unsatisfactory to have plastic water butt type taps for such an important job as it meant holding up a queue of camping cars when emptying on a borne in France.
He was also told that they had 5 weeks to put things right as we were due to go to France again in early June.
To his and Brownhills credit I got an immediate reply telling me that he had given instructions that all of our complaints had to be dealt with and to telephone immediately in order that the van could be booked in.

To cut a long story short. It was booked in and all the problems were put right. This included fitting new rigid polythene pipework from the tanks and new large diameter (1.5in?) taps.
They even told us that they had timed the emptying and it now took only 4 minutes from full.

This is a lengthy post but it demonstrates that although there are people who say they would not deal with Brownhills, as far as we are concerned they came up trumps and put everything right and with interest.

I agree with you that not enough attention is paid to make sure everything is ok before handover.


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Thanks for your replies, it is interesting to hear other experiences.
I do wonder if the disigners of our vans ever live in them. Such simple things ie: putting the glass holders immediatley over the bottle holders! makes u think. :) :) :)
Never mind, we shall forget all the aggro when we are on our way to France. for a few weeks.


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We got ours from Spinney in Cheshire, they did a wonderful job internally and were nice as pie untill we handed the cheque over. We live about 50 miles away and had to take it back 3 times untill they got everything right. It was second hand but if they promise then they should deliver. Thats why you pay that little extra from a dealer!!

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more lunartics joining, :p :D
if it helps i can always nip round and beat them up for you,

but sad but true, once they've got your money it often puts a different complexion on things.
you're not likely to be changing every year,so i guess a lot don't see that they need to fight to retain your business

i've always found marquis ggod to deal with for problems and servicing, tho' we've never bought from them

ps "that's why you pay a little extra . . . ."
I thort it woz sew they cud have gud holidays n retire early :p
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