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Firstly I should declare an interest: I am in the Mhome Hire/Tour business (but regulars already know that)

Good idea if you do your sums and are happy with that. BUT, insurance is an issue. You can't just keep ringing up your broker to add and cancel extra drivers. They will soon work out what you are doing. You ARE in the "Hire and Reward" area........very expensive.

Be very aware of damage........interior mostly. I am amazed, and dread to think, what must go on in hire Mhomes. How do tables get stood on/ripped off the wall. Burnt fabric. Doors pulled off. Windows broken (yes!) etc etc etc. Prep/service time is a factor. We allow a min of 4/6 hours turn around just for cleaning..............repairs extra.

Be mindfull of ill-intensions i.e. Theft of vehicles.... You hire it in the UK and it gets wizzed off to some distant land. Client "don't know nothin'". One of ours found its way to Sicily......stolen while the client was tucked up in a hotel in France. Yeh right, hire a Mhome and stay in a hotel......first mistake!

More stories that would make your hair curl but it would look anti-enterprise.......and i'm not........go for it if it's good for you.


PS......Spell checker????
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