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I would not do this for a number of reasons although obviously this is a personal opinion.
First of all, do your sums properly. As already stated, insurance for this use is very expensive. The excess may be high too. Who is responsible for ensuring that your van is roadworthy and safe? How much will this cost? And who cleans out the mess when it comes back having had a pet c*** on the seats or vomit in the bathroom..... or petty breakages? You may THINK you are renting out to a nice middle aged couple but how do you know they are not handing it over to their 20 year old son and his mates?
Finally, your income is taxable, if you don't declare it there is always a risk that you will be caught - the Inland Revenue are constantly on the look out for this.
I looked into it briefly, not with the firm mentioned but another, all the risk and expenses (apart from marketing) were mine and their commission was 50% so it simply wasn't viable financially.

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