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Hobby (The Falcon)

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Hi All

I have had the pleasure to see three Hobby's today and I've only ever seen one before. 8O

I see one in Romford in Essex this morning and two (must be a mating pair) in Chigwell in Essex about 15 mins ago. The pair that i see flitted from tree to tree as I got nearer to them, so I got a good look. made my day it has. :D


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Think I saw one in Wiltshire last week.
We were staying on a THS at Kilima Farm near Chippenham. I was fishing, stood up to re-bait and this pidgeon-sized bird of prey skimmed my shoulder and went off zig-zagging through the trees.
I only had chance for a quick impression. Totally silent, not a long tail and brown back same colour as a hen blackbird. I was really taken aback as it had almost touched my ear and i distinctly felt the turbulence from its flight.
They are a very wirery (spelling) bird, more so than even a Kestrel. They reckon 500-1000 pairs in the UK. No wonder I have only seen the one before. :)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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