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This Saturday will be the start of our main holiday, some of you will think we are mad, why, because we live about 10/15 mins away from Dover docks and we are off to Scotland for 3 weeks, just cant get interested in taking the van abroad when there is so much to see and do here in the UK .
First stop in Scotland will be in the Loch lomond area then off to the Isle of Skye for a week and finishing off in Aviemore, so just need to buy some mosie repellant and an umbrella and we are sorted.
So if you see a Bessie motorhome towing a bike trailer with Honda transalp on it its us. :D

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We are in Scotland right now at Thorntonloch you would not believe the weather its sunny humid and a nice 70 we have just been walking on a deserted beach parked next to Polo and have said goodbye to the lovely Carol&Gavin about 2 hours ago.

We are moving on to Edinbugger tomorrow for a couple of days only spot on the landscape is a whinging 16 year old who hasn't surfaced out of the van yet. Who cares he can stay in there forever am outside!

Its very hard to believe we are not on some desert island although the sea is cold.

Having fab time glad am not having to go home till next Sunday.

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Hi Ian

We loved Scotland, so peaceful and the scenery is out of this world, don't forget Ben Nevis stop in the Glen Nevis campsite its lovely walk up to the Nevis Inn the food is great and if the entertainment is on you wont leave till chucking out time.

Chris and Brenda
We intended exploring Yorkshire dales last week.
Weather forcast yuk.
Ended up in Crete wall to wall sunshine

Dave P

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