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House awning for motorhomes?

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A neighbour invited me around to taste a rather special malt last evening and he was just winding in his 4 metre awning that he has over his patio. As it cost less than half what a fiamma would for the same size I wonder has anyone ever fitted a house type one.

They don't have legs but he dug out the brochure while we sipped (it was a 40 y/o) and they have one that detects windspeed and auto retracts (240V I think but it may be 12V with a 'transformer')
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Hello Frank,

One of my neighbours has one and uses it a lot. However, I have seen a lot of people who have them and do not use them. They have been neglected and now look unsightly.


PS I assume the Malt was 40 years old?
Interesting question. I might wonder as well since I need one too. I can imagine that a house awning might be much heavier, made of steel rather than aluminum. Seems like one could make a couple of poles to support the corners. And manual crank out could solve the electrical problem.
I think the weight might be a problem Frank, I've seen them before, although it was a few years ago, and hopefully they're a bit lighter now, do you remember the ones that used to be outside of shops to shade the produce, they had arms that slid up and down a mounting on the wall, but were solid enough to be out all day every day.

This one was alloy but obviously I couldn't tell its weight and it wasn't mentioned in the brochure which I thought was a failing even if only for H&S reasons.
Some time ago Fiamma awnings could be fitted to houses, they had an adpter kit in the brochure. I have also seen these awnings which are similar to motorhome ones.
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