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Just trying to work out some budgetary constraints for our full timing in the future, was wandering what people spend on average per month whilst travelling, firstly in the UK and also on the continent, i.e. on the following things:-

Campsite Fees
Communications (Mobile / Landline Phone calls)
Internet Access (GPRS/GSM/Internet Cafes)

Any other categories ?

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GAS COSTS depend on whether you use electric hook ups, I mostly do so I use between 2 to 3 13kGs bottles per year costing £14.50 each. I expect if you are out all winter you would use more.

DIESEL budget 55p per litre on the continent 80p per litre in the UK cost will obviously depend on how often you move on!

SITE FEES allow £10 per night with electric. This a good average in the UK and on the continent over the whole year.

FOOD I budget the same as in the UK but tend to eat out more on the continent.

COMMUNICATIONS I have a pay-as-you-go mobile, I set it to receive voice mail only or text. Return calls via a payphone and use internet cafes otherwise you can expect it to cost an arm and a leg. I keep my comms down to essential contact only no gossip and spend very little. Average £5 per month. If on the continet a long time it is better to buy a local SIM card.

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