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At the request of members, here's how I add photos to my posts.
(did try to post this under Announcements)

On your pc its best to save your photos as either a jpg or a gif file. ideally no more than about 20k file size. Having done that, upload them to your web space (there may be other ways, but this is how I do it) and make a note of its/their location. For example

Having navigated your self within the web site to a suitable folder within one of the forums. Click on either 'New Topic' or 'Post Reply' buttons, and a new screen will appear as shown below (without my arrow of course).

The row of boxes with 'B' 'i' 'u' etc are html prompt buttons which adds code to your posting. For pictures we will use the 'Img' button (arrowed above).

To add a picture you need to let the forum software know where to find your picture, so you need to enter the web address in the message box where you previously loaded your pictures to, as shown below.

Now you need to give instructions to the forum software what to do with your picture location, as we want to display it, click on the 'img' button/box. the a small bit of code will appear in the message box as shown below

the code shown above is a basic html start instruction(
). I have found that the html instructions never appear in the correct place, so you'll have to retype it in the correct place, plus you'll need to manually add the close instruction as shown below.

(yes I've noticed, I've used the wrong close bracket on the open instruction } instead of ] )

By completing the above, the forum software should now load your picture in to your post when you click the 'Submit' button. However to check all is well, click the 'Preview' button which well reload the web page so you can view your work before submitting it for the final time. You may find that stray html codes appear, these can be deleted by scrolling down the page to the editing box/window. After any additional editing do another preview to check.

Whilst I have given instructions to add photos, the instructions are basically the same for the other html prompt buttons, like bold font, italic font, making web address's clickable, and so on.

Have fun.

aka A very wild....wild camper

Click here for my van website!

I do like a bit of feed back to my posts please
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