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This months MMM(April 2014) page 228

There is a small article on Hydromax fuel cells.

The good news is they are much less expensive to buy than the Efoy(£3200 opposed to £4949 of largest Efoy) and output is 15A, which is nearly double that of the largest Efoy available(8.8A) you think great news, until you read further down and look at the fuel prices.

One 5 litre can costs £68.00 and to go with this you will use half of a £18 supply of apple juice, so £9.00. Therefore each kilowatt hour will cost £19.25(compared to Efoy cost of £5.31). However prices are expected to fall once the unit becomes established here.

I have just quoted from the article.

So don't buy yet


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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