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Hymer 584 spare fuses and bulbs-best suppliers?

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I suspect a regular question but I can't find anything on the forum for the best place to get a set of spare fuses-and bulbs, the latter needed for the Continent to be legal.

Any thoughts on the most reliable suppliers??

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Hello BlakeneyPlayer,
I have just bought a tray of spare blade type fuses on e-bay for £1.99 for 50 pp.
I would wait till you visit your first French supermarket to get a bulb set as these do seem to be much cheaper in France. About €3 to €4 for the whole set.

Even cheaper in the French Lidl and Aldi stores.

Many thanks for that very useful information and apologies for the delay in the reply as I lost internet connection. I would never have thought of looking in Lidl or Aldi-but I will now!.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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