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hymer dashboard to body movement

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I read sometime on the site a detailed explanation on how to repair body movement in the front of a hymer at either side of the dashboard, I can not now find the post.
Thanks in advance.
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I know the most detailed post was by "Kands" when he went through the restoration of the front of his Hymer. We used the information to assist us. Perhaps you can find it by looking up his posts.

We stopped the "movement" by replacing the existing board (not really up to the task) with new thicker plyboard and new bolts. At the same time we fitted the silencing fibre to the top and underneath which made a real difference. It was not a difficult job to do - the problem had been caused by the constant movement of the front causing the bolt holes to widen. New board + new bolts = no movement.


Best of luck
Hymer movement

As you can see I found this post for you (note the date if you want to find the others!) I imagine Kands wrote an update further down the line!! Hope it helps..



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Evening all.
More news from the frontline. Spent the day Hymering..........
Removed the dash panel this morning and had a seriously good investigation around the front end. Now understand why front end was moving around although don't understand why Hymer would have built it in this fashion.
Ok here goes. The front of the Hymer is attached to the Mercedes bulkhead / dash panel by creating a steel box at each end of the bulkhead and welding some thin tin to the top of the box. Secured to the top piece of tin with ONE rusty screw is a piece of angle tin approximately 2-3mm thick that is screwed to the fibreglass section immediately below the windscreen again with a single loose screw. In all out of a total of approx 30 screws in the dash panel and associated periphery only six required the use of a screwdriver to remove them. I think you start to get the picture now guys.....
Removed angle tin and refitted with new screws, two at a time, and it now connects to the top of the tin box, the upright steel post that is the front of the van wall leading edge and was never connected to any strengthening originally, and the front fibreglass section. Tightened all screws and swung off the front bed.....MINIMAL movement on the walls.... and this is without the dash panel being replaced yet. No groaning noises now either because the screws are actually doing their job. On Monday I will obtain a suitable piece of plywood, cut it to size and securely fit it to the front using stainless steel nuts and bolts and suitable self tapping screws and laying the whole lot onto a goodly bead of Sikkamastic. Panel ain't gonna ever shift again, so need to do all little jobs under there first.
I'll let you know how this works out next week. Regarding the intermittent non starting (diagnosed by breakdown guy as a defective £200 gearbox inhibitor switch), well............. Wouldn't start at all today, so jumped under and started to fiddle with the plug on the inhibitor switch trying to get some voltage measurements, asked friend in cab to switch on ignition and there was a bloody great crack and flash next to my lughole. That'll do it I thinks to myself. Off goes ignition. in comes 13mm ratchet spanner and the earth bonding strap is tightened onto the gearbox.
Climb out smugly and instruct assistant to "fire her up" whilst confidently strolling off in the direction of the coffee.... So all that messing around was as simple as a loose earth strap, ain't it usually the way.
Got the front speakers ordered so that we can fit them into the new dash panel on Monday, got new headlight lenses coming so they can be changed whilst the front end is removed, forgot to mention that the three front panels (headlight surrounds and grille) are being sprayed on Monday, nice shiny paint for old Hymie.
Well just typing this has worn me out so I'm off to bed people, guess I'll be dreaming about screwing Hymers back together tonight.
Night all... Watch this space for more progress on Monday.
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Sundial I can not thank you enough.
I just got the Hymer and feel that if I do not address this problem it will only get worse.
Reading Kands detailed report he seems to have put some stainless steel bolts throught from the outside also.
I will start a serious investigation over the next few days.
Thanks again.

You are welcome! I think the bolts which he refers to were the same as the ones we put through the board (with washers for good measure) into the "angle" which is directly under the windscreen - INSIDE. I certainly would not think it wise to put any holes through the fibreglass bodywork as there is a chance that would work loose eventually and you would be left with large holes for no purpose. Everything we did was on the inside. It made an amazing difference to the feel of the van.

All the best
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