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I am importing an early 2006 Hymer B524 from Germany in 2 weeks and to register it here(amongst other things) I need to do the following:-
1. Change the headlights to dip to the left.
2. Add a rear fog light to R/Hand side.
3. Alter speedo to show mph.
In the case of (1),attached is a photo of similar headlights. Is this the type that the dipping light can be altered manually by unscrewing the rear and twisting?
Re (3) has anybody needed to access the speedo dial and, if so, is it a fairly easy job to remove the dash glass or do you access the speedo from behind? I would like to do this work myself but I am average mechanically with basic tools with a touch of arthritis in my hands and wrists.
As for (2) my guess that this will be the easiest job with either swapping the reversing and fog lights around or just bolting on an extra fog light and wiring it in.
Can anybody give me some help or guidance? Thanks


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I am racking my brain to remember what I did when I had a similar Motorhome years ago. Anyway, here is a note from the Hymer International Club about headlights:

Headlamp Conversions

Hymer models with Hella headlamps No E 7415 the lamps can be adjusted for left and right hand drive. Although access is not easy there are three screws on the back housing that when loosened allow the lamp to be pushed away from the lens and rotated past a locating stub to the other position. On top of the lamp housing is an indicator (marked L and R) to assist with the direction to turn the lamp. I have found that once the procedure has been completed, the bottom screw does not have to be completely tightened. This will make the procedure easier next time.
Info from Nigel Abbott.

Fog lights - mine had one each side so I didn't need to change anything.

Speedo - I bought an overlay from Lockwoods in Leeds. Seem to remember I took out screws to pull the speedo housing towards me, the fiddly bit was getting my hand between the dash to the back of the unit to unscrew the speedo cable. The rest was easy, remove the plastic screen from the front, pull off the speedo needle remove old disc , replace with new and replace.

Hope this helps.

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