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Hymer / Omnistor Bike Rack Extension

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I belive Hymer bike racks are in fact Omnistor. Mine's a 3 bike but has anyone ever converted one to a 4 bike by buying a longer hinged piece and 1 extra rail, or am I simply better paying £175 odd for the complete 4 bike carrier and selling mine.
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Never done it, but you might consider phoning Omnistor or Movera. The Hymer-specific Multi-talent carrier is a bit more than £175 so you may be better-off trying to get the additional parts.


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At last managed to get hold of Ominstor but they don't supply any parts for any racks (whether Hymer specific or generic) other than the rails themselves to convert from a 3 bike to a 4 bike. I need a longer hinged U-shaped arm as 4 rails won't fit. It looks like the old Omnistor Carry Bike Plus might fit and that's much cheaper than the Multi-Talent mentioned above. Does anyone know the total width (outside-to-outside) of the U-shaped arm on a Carry Bike Plus as this will determine whether the rack can be fitted to the existing fittings on the van.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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