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I lost a body organ and gained a Motorhome!!

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Well, it's a fair swop in my eyes. This time three years ago, I sat up in a hospital bed and said the famous words...'Let's not wait any longer darling.'
Darling suggested I wait til the anaesthetic wore off, wise man, but we did indeed go forth and purchase.

How was it for you??

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CaGreg said:
Well, it's a fair swop in my eyes
Depends which organ you lost. 8O

Oh Just a well past its 'Best Before Date' organ!!

I remember back in mid 1997 laying on this hospital hospital trolley with excrutiating chest pain, the crash team had been called but were held at the door. I was looking down at me on this trolley from the cieling with all these doctors and nurses around, pipes hanging out of me, electrodes all over the place and in the distance out of a window I could see that back end of the new motorhome we had ordered but were still waiting for dissapearing into the distance with the wife and kids inside - but not me. Now come on, was this a time to give up?
Not bloody likely!!

If you want it and can afford it (just) then go and get it NOW.

My true story


P.S. If you want to know what caused the problem in the first place then catch me at Pickering or Malvern.
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1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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