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I have the following questions that seem to get raised time and time again, I want a general consensus on answers so that i can add them to the FAQ. Could people reply in the thread with relevant information.

  • Which country is is best / cheapest to import from ?

    Which websites give information about importing ?

    Where can i look for my import motorhome online ?

    How do i register my Motorhome when i get back to UK ?

I have the following information thus far:-
Firstly Fully Comprehensive insurance cover seems to be very hard to obtain, with Third Party cover being used instead which comes with the 'Zoll' or German export plate.

As for registering the vehicle in the UK - Ignore the best part of the DVLA's booklet for a start. Well, the bit which lists the documentation required. A Vat receipt is not needed.

You need two important documents from the vendor. One is a Zulassungschein, which is the equivalent of our V5 and gives all the data on the vehicle, including type approval. The other document is a small booklet which gives the registration details and proof of ownership. Armed with these and with the red and white temporary export plates on the 'van you should't have any problems with Customs on entry to UK.

Just fill in the relevant forms (Depends on whether you are importing new or second hand.) and take it, together with all of your invoices, delivery notes, export registration, etc., to the local DVLA office. Registration should only take a couple of days unless you get selected for a random inspection

In the case of a new or dutyable vehicle, the DVLA will send the papers through to HM Customs & Excise at Dover. A Vat bill will be sent through to you (With a 30 days pay by date.) about a week later. Worked out on the commercial exchange rate - not the tourist rate. Suspect that they only charge Vat on the vehicle, not on the accessories or extras such as the Zoll.

any pre-requisites that you should do before going to Germany ? - Make photocopies of driving license (With photocard on a blank
bit.) and passport.

How to pay - A SWIFT credit transfer has been suggested for the amount you expect to pay. Arrange it with the manager of your bank. When the deal has been struck phone the manager and ask to action the transfer. Any small shortfall for accessories etc can be made up by withdrawing cash from ATMs.

German dealers will not accept cheques or credit/debit cards. The debit card system is unknown to them and they pay substantial charges on credit card transactions.
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