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Last night I decided to get everything working again for the weekend, plugged the mains in, filled the water tank, turned the water pump on, lots of 'noise' but no water coming out. After dissassembling the pipe work sucking everything , gradually started to get some water out then nothing, so start at the tank, dig into the bowels and the filter housing on the end of the pipe snaps off...blast(or words to that effect)
This filter looks grungy anyway so a replacement needs finding, has a 3/8" pipe coming out of it and is about 1 1/2" in diameter and has a gauze in it to stop any bits coming up.
I have tried the local caravan dealer and CAK Tanks but no joy, does anyone have any ideas where a replacement could be found, doesn't have to be the same just something to do the job.
Any help would be appreciated
I am off to the Poole area over the weekend from Surrey is there any suitable dealers around that part of the world

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