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I wonder if the time has come to add an index heading which would bring together travel topics such as routes, campsites, foreign touring and perhaps others.

Trying to be helpful

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I know that coming up with headings is difficult, and the 'posters' don't help and just dump stuff all over :oops: but 'general chit-chat' is getting pretty full, but then this is a very successful site n'est ce pas? I only went away for 48 hours and there have been 6 new posts. - still keeps me out of mischief :?
as well as Gillians suggestion how about expanding the home page description for the links page for useful sites - avwwc - keeps posting lotsa good techie info f'rinstance in tech page that may be easier to find if a separate link was advertised. ?

[you do realise that we have to keep you busily occupied, stop you going off full-timing n making us jealous! :twisted: ]

1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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