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International Drivers Licence

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Hi guys, we are looking at travelling around Europe for 6 months and are keen to purchase a motorhome with a large payload and probably upto 4,000kg max load. The Dethleffs Advantage A6991LB looks good at the moment.

Our New Zealand car licence allows us to drive upto 4,500kg. We are concerned about many rules relating to requiring an International Drivers licence.

What is the weight limit on the IDL? does it replicate the NZ drivers licence?

appreciate your advise

Thanks derrick
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Hi Derrick,

Firstly welcome to the forum, I'm sure you'll get lots of good info from here :)

You have said that you have a New Zealand car licence - I think I am correct in saying that you will have to apply to the New Zealand AA for your International Driving Licence (IDL) (link here>> )

I have also copied this link >>>>> for you to have a look at. If you do not hold a full UK licence then you will not be able to obtain an IDL through UK sources.

Sorry I cannot be of any help regarding weights etc but you might be restricted to the weights as designated on an IDL obtained through New Zealand resources anyway? :? :roll:


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There are no limits on an IDL

Your limits are imposed by a combination of your home licence and the regulations of the country which you are visiting

So you can drive up to 4500kg on your home licence whilst visiting. Yor IDLshows necessary translations etc for those without, in this case an NZ licence
Thanks Guys much appreciated.

Just found your int club membership, will join shortly

Regards DR
Derrick: If you are buying in Europe, watch out for the great insurance catch - it's extremely difficult to get insurance if you are not a permanent resident of the EU. There are ways round it, but it will take time to research and organise.

For more information, look for post 601467, or search for Elva or "Australia insurance". We live in Sydney but have a motorhome in the UK to which we will be returning next week (hurray!) for another four months continental touring.

Incidentally, we have driven many thousands of kilometres in western and eastern Europe over the last 40 years, in cars we have either owned or rented (including two years so far in the motorhome), and have never ever been asked for the IDL that we carry anyway! As others have said, you would get it from the NZAA. It's actually an FIA document.

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Thanks Michael,

We are probably being a little cautious with regards to the driving licence. However we also do not want to be stuck at some boarder not having the correct licence.

We plan to purchase a vehicle this week and then organize the various extras and insurances ready for an end of June adventure.

Thanks for the insurance warning, I'll get onto this quickly.

Do you have a bank account in Europe? if yes then which bank and are they reccommended?

Thanks Derrick
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Suggest you contact me via a PM.


Hi Michael/Derrick!

Sorry, no PMs until Derrick becomes a subscriber by handing over the princely sum of £10. It's well worth it. This site is a mine of information and offers a huge depth of experience and expertise.

So welcome along Derrick. Please think about subscribing.
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