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Internet Query

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A very good morning to all....

In the past few weeks I've noticed that Internet Explorer seems to take ages to boot up so I downloaded Mozilla Firefox which boots up immediately and although slightly different to Internet Explorer it seems to perform the job quite well.I was wondering what other systems there are and what the benefits or advantages there are to these systems...anyone got any thoughts on the subject....I think it's better talking about this than MPs expences...whoops 8O 8O 8O


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Others exist such as Opera, Safari, Google Chrome, etc. But for me you have picked the best browser there is in Firefox.

Good Luck.
Firefox is a bit of a pain on here if you want to insert a smiley within a body of text.

The usual way is to place the cursor where you want the smiley, and click on the smiley icon.

With Firefox it always places the smiley at the end of the text, so you have to drag and drop it to where you want it.

A minor, but irritating snag. :roll:

Anyone know of a plug-in or any way to fix it??

I swapped to Firefox before IE had tabbed browsing. It has some really useful free add-ons. I also changed to Gmail web mail and with the Firefox Fireftp add-on I only needed one application for browsing, email and ftp. If you need to develop web sites it also has some very useful tool add-ons.

Having said all this I have recently started using Google Chrome as my default browser. Only going back to Firefox for Ftp now. A downside of adding lots of tools to Firefox is that it makes it longer to start up :!:

I agree with Paul. Never liked IE and found Firefox to be brilliant until all the add ons (scrapbook particularly useful for all those MH clippings) but found it too clunky and changed to Google Chrome some months back and find it faster to load and more resilient especially if the wireless signal is weak. Safari also good.

As ever find the one that suits you and delve under the options on all of them as there are plenty of tweaks that make life easier
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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