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itv is on satelite freeview

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hi the current thread regards lidl satelite is getting a bit long so opening a new one, i had to wait for the wind to die down before i could try out the lidl sat system bought friday. got it working ok and found i could get itv1 and itv3. i mention this because some members said that itv was coming to freeview. i am confirming that it is here now. another guy mentioned that the receiver could overheat, well let me warn you that on the bottom of the receiver is a sticky piece of plastic covering the air vents, i didn't notice this until after my practice session and was breaking the system down to go back into the box. :D
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Kenny, you can get itv by contacting SKY (card costs £20 )we will be going to the Wedding as we are leaving later on today to potter abou the west coast,I can give you the ph no. and details on sat.
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