The Jormax system doesn't have guy ropes to trip over and is self supporting. It will withstand strong/gale force winds without damage. The panels are supported on thick-wall aluminium poles with steel tips. These are hammered into the ground and then the panels are tensioned at the top. Some panels have a 2/3rds vision part and others are solid colour. There is an opening gate. There is also a skirt which runs the length of the lower part of the motorhome/caravan and keeps the pet secure and/or draughts out.

The kit for sale consists of: a 4 metre length of panels; a 3 metre length of panels; a 3 metre length of vision panels; an opening gate; 14 x 1.5 metre poles; 10 x panel tensioners; a 5 metre length of skirting with 6 x short poles; together with all joining clips and pole caps.

You can find more information at JORMAX.

It is all in very good condition and at present prices would cost exactly twice the price I am asking. If you are interested in the utility tent as well please see my other advertisement.