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June 6th, 65th D Day Ann, France poss useful info

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Hi all,

Just got back from France today. Just though a bit of info might be of use to those heading out to Normandy next week for the celebrations (or not).

Basically if you are hoping to go on spec without booking sites or even aires you might find it impossible to find room to stay overnight in the Normandy area.

On the 7th June, there is to be a 300+ military vehicle convoy through Bayeux to mention just one function. As we were heading back up the Motorway yesterday literally loads of Cars, Vans etc towing trailers with ex military Jeeps/trucks et al. Even 2 Car transporters went past full of Jeeps! Then there were tha hardy type driving their Jeeps, deuce and Halfs etc all the way! Several campsites along the Normandy coast aalready had 're-enactmant' groups ensconsed with flags flying etc etc.

We spent Fri night in Honfleur and there must have been 200+ vans in the aire

Good news is that Diesel in supermarkets is 0.94 Euro Ltr :D

We met CurleyBoy at Honfleur, they were on their way south.

Should be a good bash though if you can get to see it. Enjoy :D
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D-Day camping in France

We camped in Arromanches,just behind town ,5 minute walk into town / sea frontseems they opened up fields for event , this was about 10 years ago ,a lot going on ,Queen ,french & american presidents were in town ," Keeping Rolling Club " were on next field our boys had a great time in and out of jeeps ,half tracks , etc. Check with their tourist info dept. if in doubt .
I was over in the truck, the one in the avatar, just before the 50th anniversary and was treated like a liberator. Should be a great time in Normandy for the celebrations. Lovely people and very hospitable.
We intend to be in or around Beyeux for a couple of nights on the 10th and 11th. Will it all be over by then does anyone know. Would like to see the ceremonies and events but not if we cant get anywhere to stay. I presume as its the following week they will all have cleared off?
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