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I joined the site a couple of weeks ago but have been offshore (Caspian Sea) working and didn't take credit cards with me so couldn't subscribe until now, anyway back onshore but still in Baku for another week.

When I go home we are starting the search for a motorhome, it will be used for towing my racecar/trailer and for trips away. I work a 28/28 rotation so have quite a bit of free time and feel that we could get a lot out of a MH.

My wife has seen a couple of MHs advertised locally (Aberdeen area) one is a Herald Squire, 1999 Ford 2.5litre. This is not a make I am at all familiar with, are they still in business ?
It is relatively inexpensive at an asking of 14,500 pound (is that reasonable ?) so could be good for dipping our toes in the water so to speak as the impression I get reading posts is that many people change their MH fairly quickly when they get an idea of features they like and dislike.

I would gladly pay more, up to around 25k but would you agree it would be wiser to buy a less expensive one first, or is there a chance that an older one with the almost inevitable things going wrong could put me off ?

Also if anyone knows of a company in Scotand who do towbar manufacture/fitting to motorhomes that would be appreciated.

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Welcome to MHF and I am afraid I don't really know any of the answers to your quesions.

However, my first years and years ago and my first in the current run of m\homes spanning 6/7 years we of the value you speak of.

In retrospect it is a must to be or have someone who is knowledgeable to check it over. This will save you thousands when you come to sell it. I assume as you do some sort of car sport you probably are knowledgeable.

But other than that there are loads of members and others driving around in older m\homes than that and perfectly happy. New ones tend to have as many faults if not more, than old ones do. :D

Morning Sprintman and welcome to MHF.

I'm sure all the answers you want are on here and now you've suscribed, you'll be able to search all the relevant threads.

A couple of points.

If you are going to be pulling your racecar/trailer, ensure the motorhome's gross train weight allows enough for this, along with sufficient payload without overloading the back axle.
Room for spares, protective clothing, pressure washers etc. all eat into the payload.

The majority who compete in motorsport prefer rear wheel drive (dual) for accessing paddocks, fields etc without getting bogged down.

Harpers of Elgin/Inverness ( Caravan/Motorhome Dealer Approved Workshop etc ) fit towbars and there is a bloke in Insch who will supply and fit at your address if required.

Nearly ended up in Baku in 2002/3 but option to retire after 22+ years offshore with decent pay off won the day.

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The Herald Squire is Ford based so I am pretty sure it is RWD, but not twin wheeled. The car and trailer combined are probably around 800Kg, the car is only 470Kg, so as long as I don't take too many spares/tools (which I am prone to doing) I should be OK on weights, I hope.

When I get home we will visit a few dealers, Perthshire, Dyce and Dee Valley Caravans are the ones I know, that should get us an idea of prices and layouts, though we will probably buy privately unless something really appealing comes up at a dealer.

You didn't miss much not coming to Baku, it has improved to a huge extent over the past couple of years but it still has little to make anyone want to come here, apart from earning money of course. :D
Hi and welcome,

I have a mate who races a Honda bike engined Westfiled, he uses a Fiat 2.8 Jtd MH (not sure of model) which is chipped, he drags a tralier which is of the canvas covered type (ifor williams I think) he sits on the Mway at 70 all day, no probs (illegal of course when towing).

hope that helps, he is a member on here but not subscribed as he is a tight sod.

Thanks Kev n Liz

I know quite a few people use their motorhomes to pull trailers to events, and I am sure most are FWD so while I think RWD would probably be better I have not ruled out FWD, what I get will depend more on what is available and in my budget.

As big an issue at the moment is that I like the look of a rear lounge for stretching out on, but there will be times when three or possibly four people need to be in the MH and I don't think the rear lounge models have rear seat belts.

I am sure that compromises will have to be made, getting it right first time would be very lucky.

Sounds like you're after a fairly common van then, I'd be looking at a forward dinette to give two possibly more extra seat belts, and then either a rear lounge or a rear fixed bed, (no more putting up & down twice a day) and you usually get more storage under fixed beds, look out for plenty of outside access lockers, a rear garage is useful, but puts the towbar a long way behind the rear axle centre which increases the weight of the contents and anything on the towbar because of the lever effect, you'll find plenty of post covering that point.


No doubt you'll be looking for a genny too, for your tyre warmers, electric kettle, and all that gubbins, over and above what us others have to carry, you should be able to tow up to 2 tonnes with a four wheel braked trailer,(unless the regs have changed recently, or your plated train weight is less than 5500kg or your MH weights are different than the normal 3500kg + 2000kg) so get as much of your extra weight into that, but don't forget to take the trailer with you :lol: :lol: :lol:

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