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Kingfisher Park, Stokes Bay, Gosport??

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We are booking early this year for Xmas (or trying to, if we could find somewhere nice?!). :lol:
For New Year we are going to the MHF rally in Southsea so would like somewhere different for Xmas, preferably near the beach.
Looked at the above site in Gosport and wondered what it was like there and if anyone had stayed??
OR is there anywhere else you could recommend within 30 miles of Southsea? We do not require meals, entertainment, clubhouse etc - just a beach (preferably!) and clean toilets and showers.
Many thanks!! Ana x
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Hi Gypsyrose,

We live just around the corner from the Kingfisher and it is quite a good site for what you want. You will be about 400 yards from the beach which sweeps around tp Gilkicker point ( about a mile I guess) You get all the cruise ships passing and there is always something to do see or do. You won't see the sea from the site as there is a TA training area(not often in use at that time of the year) between the site and the beach. However, it is open to the public as you can acess it by turning right out of the site and walk a couple of hundred yards and cut through the country park. There is good acess to Gosport on regular buses (every 20 mins) and you can catch the ferry across to Portsmouth to Gunwarf Quays and the historic dockyard with Victory etc and then from there a short walk to the ferries for the isle of wight and Ryde. The campsite has a reasonable clubhouse with bar and cheap food ( we sometime take the mother-in-law down for Sunday lunch (£7-00). If you cycle then there are some good cycleways to the icerink and the swimming pool (2 miles). Yep for a short stay it is quite good :) :)

I hope this helps.... Cheers.............. Ned
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Thank you, Ned!! Location sounds great and the beach nearby for the dogs.
Anyone know re the toilets and showers on the site as I have read old posts from a few years ago and some folk not happy with them??
Be good to see liners passing etc!!
Still hoping for suggestions of other sites in the area open at this time so that we can compare?? Thanks all!!
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